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CSI Chapters is a levelled collection of 25 original chapter books in both print and digital formats that are designed to accelerate comprehension development, vocabulary acquisition and content literacy. Geared toward years 4-6+, the titles vary in length from 24 pages to 32 pages.

Build reading stamina over 25 high-interest books

Develop comprehension across science, mathematics, social studies and general non-fiction

Support multiple approaches to classroom teaching: shared, co-operative and guided reading lessons

Include e-books with multimedia content for strong engagement


CSI Chapters books
  • The fiction titles include financial literacy themes, science fiction and realistic fiction.
  • The non-fiction titles are designed to support students' reading comprehension across science, maths and social studies as well as general non-fiction.
  • Using a meta-cognitive learning approach to support and scaffold students, CSI Chapters give students the confidence and skills needed to tackle any text.
CSI Chapters interactive e-books and iPad apps
  • Each CSI Chapters title is available as an engaging, interactive Flash-based digital book and as an app for iPad.  They can be used for paired and guided reading, and for shared reading on the interactive whiteboard. Digital tools include masking to focus the students on a phrase or image, virtual sticky notes to record predictions and questions, colourful highlighters and pens, zooming, pop-up glossaries and embedded video.
CSI Chapters multi-touch books for iPad
  • Five of our CSI Chapters are now multi-touch books supporting the teaching of financial literacy, English language literacy, social studies, maths and statistics. Each book contains high-interest, challenging content to engage students in a variety of relevant financial topics, including budgeting, saving, cost of living, unwise use of credit cards, shares and stock market crashes.

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