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Enhance Literacy


Enhance Literacy

Enhance Literacy is a two-part programme made up of a Modeled Reading Kit and a Fluency Kit.

In the Modeled Reading kit, teachers model reading strategies that good readers use for comprehension.

In the Fluency kit, students have access to audio texts that help build vocabulary and demonstrate expression, accuracy and phrasing.

All of the texts in the kits are high-interest, cross-curricular, and have incredible opportunities for language development.

We want to help you make sure no student falls through the cracks, so we made Enhance Literacy, a targeted teaching and intervention programme that supports teachers to develop comprehension, fluency and language development.

The Modeled Reading Kit includes:

  • Modeled Reading Texts for Teachers book and/or access to online interactive texts for projection/display x 1

  • Modeled Reading Lessons for Teachers book x 1

  • Modeled Reading Texts and Writing Activities for Students book x 8

The Fluency Kit includes:

  • Fluency Lessons for Teacher book 1x book

  • Fluency and Writing Activities for Students book 8 x books

  • Access to online, downloadable audio models for texts 1 x teacher login


Teaching purpose: Small group/intervention

Fiction/nonfiction: Fiction and nonfiction

Year level: –

Subject: Language arts, Science, Math, Social Studies, English Language Learning, Writing

Format: Paperback and online